Imagine a South Africa where

Zero children die of preventable causes
Zero children are out of school
Zero children fall victim to violence, abuse and exploitation.

Believe in Zero is our vision for children in South Africa - zero children who are forgotten, zero children whose rights are denied. But we know that we cannot do it alone. UNICEF is asking for your help in bringing together the community of those who believe in zero. Through collective action we can bring about change for all children.

UNICEF believes in Zero. Do you?

Why I believe in zero
  • Every child deserves to be loved in order to reach their full potential
    Mandisa Pitso
  • We have to protect what is ideal for the sake of the little children in our country.
    Marie Keith S. Epe
  • Every child deserves a childhood - a time to live, grow and play, free of violence, supported and loved.
    Pippa Tsilik
  • Every child is born, so every child should live. Together, we can all help those less fortunate. Every voice should be heard, every hand reached out should be helped, and every hungry tummy should be fed. I know we do not lack resources, but we do lack kind individuals who want to help. Spread the w [...]
    Thiruven Naidoo
  • I believe that every child deserves a chance at life, and matters that prevent a child from achieving should be stopped!
    Christopher Mills
  • I believe in zero because every child in South Africa deserves to appreciate the many opportunities that this wonderful country can offer them and then indeed live up to what we call a diverse and equal country...xoxo
    Kgopotso Kekana
  • No child should suffer and be deprived of an education.
    Mbali Sikhakhane
  • it is time our community and country stand up and protect out children!!
    Louie Strydom
  • Almost every person I have met has suffered from some form of child abuse, there is a silent epidemic in this country that is being passed on from one generation to the other. Our generation of adults must take the responsibility to stop the cycle of abuse and protect our children.
    Ansie Smit
  • With 18million children in South Africa children really are our future. It is time we all focused together on building, protecting and inspiring them so as to grow each individually, and our country.
    Kerryn Krige
  • because they are the future. as adults we should protect them-if not us, who will?
    Fredelene Elie
  • As long as there are people who are willing to lend a helping hand, children will get the freedom they so deserve...children are very close to my heart
    Gloria Sifile
  • No child should ever be abused!
    sam zungu
  • I believe in Zero because all children deserve to live in a world that is not filled with hate and bloodshed. They need to have food, a safe home to live in and love to surround them everyday.
    Thiri Lay
  • I believe that change can take place if we all work together, set goals and believe in our dreams. Children are the future,they are the ones that are going to change the world, thats why it is important that they grow up with all the love, education,food to eat, activities they need in order to shap [...]
    Melisha Naidoo
  • Why do you believe in zero? I believe in zero because the future that we speak of and wish to make brighter and prosperous, lies within the children that are both in school and out of school, the abused and exploited children and also the children that die of preventable diseases, that suffer negle [...]
    mandisa zondo
  • I believe in ZERO. I believe that now is as good a time as any to lift up the kids of South Africa, and bring to the light all that is truth, to heal and help those who live in darkness, daily.
    Tanya Nel
  • i believe in zero because i think that every child have the right to enjoy life and reach their own goals!
    charrad mayssoun
  • Protect our children, Save our future
    Javed Hoosen
  • I have a 6 year old nephew and I would hate to see him become part of these unsavoury statistics. I want to play a part in making his world a place where he can learn and live without fear.So it is because of him and my future kids that I believe in Zero.
    Thabisitse Madi
  • I believe a child without a future is a child without hope. Hope is what will prevent these same children from growing up depending on crime to get by in life. Zero children forgotten = Zero future criminals.
    Brian Magidela
  • Children are our future investment. Care now and raise a healty nation!
    Ina Bence
  • I believe in a world where no child dies of preventable causes, no child dies of starvation, and no child dies of "illiteracy".
    Veronique De Jager
  • I have a story to tell, it is a testimony that all things are possible through Christ who strengthens us. I have been through it all, rape(mostly incest) many times, physical abuse, have had education challenges, health issues, but I believe together we can minimize these challenges for the upcoming [...]
    Zintle Bebeza
  • All my life, people have been setting goals such as lets half the amount of abused children, lets half the amount of hungry children, lets half the amount of children with aids. I why only half? Is my question to those people, what about the rest, are they not important. I believe in zero because ev [...]
    Eric Heyl
  • South Africa is an amazing place with so much potential. Everything is possible for this Rainbow Nation. You have my support!
    Helen Grundell
  • I'm supporting UNICEF's goal of zero child abuse. I believe South Africa can achieve this...join me.
    Danny K
    UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador
  • I believe all children should have the opportunity to strive to make the world a better place and they cannot do that without our love, help, encouragement and support. The children are our future!
    Shaunielle Gibbs
  • I was brought up in a loving caring home that was just normal to us. It is not the case for so many others, just normal to them is pain, hunger and abuse. We need to stop this and substitute their reality for love, kindness and support.
    Bruce Wade
  • Because it is possible
    Seshni Pillay
  • Far too many children are unhealthy and die due to the world epidemic of diabetes. Gestational diabetes is also of great danger to child and mother. The mist of ignorance and lack of knowledge needs to be blown away so that reality can step in and make a difference
    John Andersen
  • as 0 people suffer only good comes from this.
    Cale Hoare
  • Because every child has the right to enjoy life and to reach their full potential - and UNICEF helps them to realise these rights.
    Richard Beighton
  • All children should have the choice of an education and to live their lives without fear.
    Paul Hammacott
  • I believe in zero because no child should die from preventable causes
    Ben-Albert Smith
  • The number of children who are victims of abuse and neglect is deplorable. We need to do all that is in our power to make it zero.
    Kate Pawelcy
  • I believe in zero because we should strive for a world where children have the same opportunities wherever they live.
    Thierry Delvigne
  • Children are the most vulnerable people in society, especially defenceless babies and toddlers. Everything needs to be done to make sure they are healthy, loved, protected and educated. EVERYTHING!
    Lianne Byrne
  • Mia Farrow, internationally acclaimed actress and humanitarian activist, was appointed UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador in 2000. As a powerful advocate for children, she campaigns tirelessly for their rights around the world, with a special focus on children impacted by armed conflict.
    Mia Farrow
    UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador
  • Yvonne Chaka Chaka is acknowledged as a world-class performer defined by originality, creativity, and consummate showmanship. Her passion for music is matched by her commitment to eliminate illiteracy in global society - demonstrated by her ceaseless work with UNISA. In 2003, Yvonne was appointed Go [...]
    Yvonne Chaka Chaka
    UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador
  • Shakira, world-famous singer and songwriter, is a devoted advocate for children, and was appointed a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador in October 2003. As a Goodwill Ambassador, Shakira has increased awareness of UNICEF’s work in areas such as HIV/AIDS, education and child protection.She believes that by [...]
    Shakira .
    UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador
  • David Beckham, the British born soccer star, is admired by legions of fans around the world for his skilful moves and powerful kicks on the field. In 2005, the former England captain was appointed UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador with a special focus on UNICEF's Sports for Development programme.
    David Beckham
    UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador
  • Tshedi Mholo has been a UNICEF Celebrity Advocate since 2006. For this petite mother to 6-year-old daughter, Kamogelo, life is all about others and how she can make a difference to the experiences of those around her.
    Tshedi Mholo
    UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador
  • Leo Messi, FC Barcelona and Argentine national team soccer star is considered to be one of the best and most respected players of his generation. In 2010, Mr. Messi was appointed a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador.
    Leo Messi
    UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador
  • Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah of Jordan, an ardent and outspoken advocate for the world’s children, was appointed UNICEF’s first Eminent Advocate for Children in 2007.
    Queen Rania
    UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador
  • Harry Belafonte is known worldwide for his achievements as a singer, actor and producer and for his commitment to human rights. Beginning with the American civil rights movement in the 1950’s, he has established a long and distinguished record of human rights advocacy. In 1987, he was appointed as [...]
    Harry Belafonte
    UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador
  • Pitso John Mosimane is a South African footballer, former player and coach. He is currently the coach of the South Africa National Football Team, Bafana Bafana. He is one of the longest serving and highly-rated coaches in South African soccer having won several major trophies with Supersport United [...]
    Pitso Mosimane
    UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador
  • Liam Neeson has worked with UNICEF since 1997. He has travelled to Mozambique to support UNICEF’s HIV and AIDS programmes, and he supports the ‘Believe in Zero’ campaign, which aims to eliminate preventable early childhood deaths.
    Liam Neeson
    UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador
  • Angélique Kidjo, the dynamic West African singer and songwriter, was appointed a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador in 2002. Ms. Kidjo is a passionate advocate for girls’ education and has made that a focus of her UNICEF partnership.
    Angélique Kidjo
    UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador
  • Jackie Chan, world-famous actor, martial arts expert and comic charmer, is also known for using his celebrity status as a vehicle for humanitarian and public service work. During a visit to Cambodia in 2004, Mr. Chan was appointed as Goodwill Ambassador for UNICEF.
    Jackie Chan
    UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador
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